Strictest Muslim countries have the highest rape scales in the world – Study

The Muslim Issue

Living an entire lifetime as a walking, talking 100-gallon black garbage bag is suppose to represent some kind of ‘honor’ and piety. But none of these enormous sacrifices has helped Muslim women.

Islam, Muhammad, mosques, five prayers per day, rigid control of their religious duties hasn’t done one thing to transform the Muslim male to a normal human being or a normal man. On the contrary, the Muslim male according to statistics is the most violent, oppressive, forceful and deranged human beast on earth. They also rule the world’s highest rape incidents – which seem to coordinate with rape statistics in the West that are dominated by Muslims.

All these facts and statistics according to collected studies on crimes against women around the world in collaboration with various non-profit organizations that deal with these issues on a daily basis. Other studies have shown that Muslim majority nations are afflicted with…

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